Sampeace Brown:
- The nobel Lion is 50! -Hurrah!

Itís the crucial midnight hour

The body and soul travels to the infinite climax

And returns with the golden food of mankind

Called songs, trapped in a hole of uncertainty.

The song bird, surrounded by all species

Of sleeping animal kingdom, whispering for rescue.

And the nobel lion is awake, listens and stretches itís claws.

The nobel lion fights and grows, fights and grows

Knowing the values of preservation, care and human freedom

The golden food of mankind is rescued-Arts!

Counting all the many 365 days of struggles for her disciples

The nobel lion still waxes stronger and stronger

When the golden food of mankind is trapped in a hole of uncertainty

The nobel lion knows to rescue.

Our nobel lion is 50! Our nobel lion lives!

Our nobel fund is 50!, Our nobel fund lives-hurrah!

Happy birth day our nobel lion!, long live Fund for performing artists!!!

Sampeace Brown

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