General remarks about payment
If your application is accepted, payment is made when the following requirements are satisfied:
- Written request from the applicant
- Reference number of the application must be stated (see letter of allocation)
- Bank account number to which the money is to be transferred
- If the implementation of the project is delayed, a written application for postponement must be made

Project funding
Project funding from the Fund for Performing Artists is granted as a guarantee against loss. Money granted shall guarantee the fees of professional performing artists – who live and work mainly in Norway – and who are participating in the project which funding has been applied for. A copy of the project’s final accounts should be sent to the Fund together with a payment request signed by the applicant as soon as possible after completion of the project. The guarantee against loss is granted in accordance with the number of jobs funding has been applied for. If the tour or production has involved fewer jobs, the guarantee is reduced accordingly. In the case of funding for a project that forms part of a larger arrangement, the Fund will normally base the calculation of the guarantee on the overall accounts for the arrangement as a whole. The guarantee is given for the conducting of the project within the period stated in the application. If no specific period of time for the conducting of the project is stated in the application, the guarantee will apply for one year after the date it was originally given.

Recording support
In the case of recordings, 50% of the amount is paid when written confirmation is received that the recording has been made and the remaining 50% when the completed product is available. Before the total amount can be disbursed, the applicant must have submitted six copies of the completed product ready for commercial distribution as confirmation that the project has been completed. CDs must have an ISRC code, must be manufactured professionally, and be ready for distribution.
If part of the funding has been paid to the applicant prior to the completion of the project, this may have to be paid back if the recording is not completed. Please note that if the applicant is not the same person as the main performing artist, the funding is tied to the main artist should cooperation between the applicant and the main performing artist be terminated. The project must be completed in full in accordance with the application and any other conditions stipulated. If the recording is not completed within two years of the date on which funding was granted, the allocation of support will cease to apply.

Travel support and grant
Payment will be made when written confirmation is received that you wish to make use of the grant and that the grant will be used for the purpose stated in the application. Notification of the use of travel support and the grant must be sent to the Fund at the latest two months after their use. The grant awarded must be used by the end of the following year.

(Siden er oversatt av statsautorisert translatør Jennifer Follestad)

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