Where to apply for support
Several organisations provide information on their websites about where to apply for support, and the application criteria. There is an overview of support schemes under Links.

Use the telephone
It is important to find out as much as possible about the support scheme(s) – application criteria, closing dates etc – so that time is not wasted on an application that may not be evaluated because it is outside the scope of the fund’s support schemes. Contact us by telephone if you require more information.

The many roles of the performing artist
Applications for funding may be made to the Fund for Performing Artists if one or several professional performers are participating. In Act no. 4 of 14 December 1956 relating to a levy on the public presentation of recordings of performers' performances, etc., the term ‘performing artist’ is defined as musicians, singers, actors, dancers, conductors, stage directors and other persons who through their art perform intellectual works.
The author of the work (composer, writer etc.) is a creative artist and is thus not eligible for support from the Fund for Performing Artists.
The performing artist may also be the administrator and organiser of performances and tours. Costs under ‘Own administrative costs’ are generally acceptable in the tour budget. The performing artist may also be obliged to act both as a sound technician and handyman, or help may have to be hired for these services. Although sound/stage technicians and scenographers are not performing artists, they are essential to the performance, and related wage costs may be included in the budget.
A performing artist may be professional or amateur. The term ‘amateur’ is used of a person who does not have work as a performing artist as his/her main occupation. However, most funds and support schemes award financial help to professional performers, i.e. those who make their living in this way.

Closing date for applications
Most support schemes require that the application be submitted “before the project is realised”. A number of support schemes have deadlines once or twice a year while others deal with applications on a more ad-hoc basis. The Fund for Performing Artists considers applications six times per year. Check our home page or telephone us.

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